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One day i woke up feeling that something strange will happen, but i ignored it. I picked my self up, licked my crushes cheek and set off, i ran through clans and plains until i reached a wonderful place, it was full of my kind and certainly away from Two-legs. There stud a  cat, a large brownish cat with red blood eyes, it smiled at me and said " Do you wish to going my clan Young warrior? " I nodded " But, what about my c-crush..? " I sat there staring at them all, they all looked like they would want to kill me or something " Ah, of course, whats her name? " He meowed to me " I-its...Princess.." I answerd nervusly " Princess? Alright but we must give her a warrior name, and you too of course. You should be...Burningpaw " He smiled at me again..


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